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Public Service Announcements


WE WELCOME YOUR PUBLIC SERVICE INFORMATION AND WILL ENDEAVOR TO BROADCAST IT TO THE COMMUNITY!  Several guidelines, though, to make it easier and more equitable for everyone... 

We accept news of community events in which the public may participate.  Organizations may include civic, social, educational, or other non-profit entities.  Organizations with a 501c-3 tax status are preferential, however not mandatory (some groups are honestly grassroots and can't afford the luxury).

Information must include:

       Organization name

       Event description

       Date and day



It's amazing how often one of those items gets left out or mixed up.  (Example: Tuesday, April 25th.  Tuesday, April 25th occurs two years from now.  This year, April 25th is Sunday.  Or else Tuesday is April 27th.  So which is it?  Sorry, we can't guess, so please double check.)

Also, we must have:

This will not go on the air, but is used to tell a listener to call if he or she has further questions.  (We don't overload listeners with information.  The idea of a radio announcement is to pique people's interest.  If they want to know more, they will call.) 

Narrative is not necessary; bullet points are fine.  Our announcers ad lib from the points given them, which gives an air of personality and familiarity to the announcement. 

Information should be received at our offices at least three weeks prior to the event.  We realize sometimes that's not easy.  But the earlier we receive the information, the earlier we can get it on the air, and the more exposure you get.  At any one time, we may have up to 80 different PSA's running.  To be fair, we rotate them randomly and equally. 

We do reserve the right to not broadcast information about certain events (example: political fundraisers).  We do not guarantee when, how many times, or even if your free message will air.  (For such a guarantee, see a representative from our Sales Department.  It's called a paid commercial.) 

As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, Four Corners Broadcasting radio stations love sharing Public Service information with our listeners!  But we can't do it without having the information from you.

Send Your Information to:

ยท        FAX it to 247-1005, Attn: Public Service 


Nondiscrimination Policy. Four Corners Broadcasting LLC, Four Corners Broadcasting-Dolores and stations KIQX-FM, KIUP-AM, KKDC-FM and KRSJ-FM do not discriminate in advertising arrangements on the basis of race or ethnicity. Any provision in any advertising agreement entered into with an advertiser whose intent is to discriminate in such manner shall be null and void.