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Have you formed your team?

They found it!

Laura found the bullet at around 5:00pm

In a bike rack at the Discovery Museum.

Join us tomorrow (Saturday) at the Irish Pub at 5:00pm for the prize celebration.
Thanks to you and our sponsors. "

$250.00 Cash From A & L Coors!

Tickets to the Snowdown Follies!!
Saturday Night at the Strater!

$75.00 Gift Certificates from:
4x4 Auto Sales

Dietz Market
Creature Comforts
Krogers Hardware
Southwest Auto Center
Kacina KitchenWagon Wheel Liquors
Southwest Community Credit Union4x4 and More

And now...the clues.

Pay no attention to capitalization nor punctuation.
Just the words....it's radio!

Monday, January 27th

6:45am -No digging, No climbing...Period!
9:45am -Social necessities.
12:45pm - City limits not withstanding.
3:45pm - Building relationships.
6:45pm - Remember last year?

Tuesday, January 28th
6:45am - Run, Walk, Drive, Swim.

9:45am - Creating an impression.
12:45pm - Giving thanks for things known and unknown.
3:45pm - Do it right the first time, or there will be trouble.
6:45pm - The rain, the park and other things.

Wednesday, Jan 29th

6:45am the asphalt jungle
9:45am Que up. Single File.
12:45pm It's not easy being green
3:45m I wonder if Jack will do it again next year.
6:45pm New Ice Newton

Thursday, Jan 30th

6:45am Some unique gifts, some unique people.
9:45am It's original use was part of a government plan.
12:45pm I didn't know that was a Street.......or is it an Avenue?
3:45pm Flashing red lights and an Accent.
645pm Tom, Hank, and Nick would have been proud

"So...do you have the Silver Bullet?"